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The T300 is the smallest de-icing fluid collection unit offered by NexGen Process Systems. Small in size, big on performance, the T300 uses a positive displacement vacuum to collect up to 100 gallons per minute of spent de-icing fluid in a 6' wide path. Powered by a reliable 29hp diesel engine, the T300 can be towed by any tug, tractor or truck equipped with a standard pintle hitch.


The in-tank recirculation pump ensures a consistent mixture of snow, slush and spent de-icing fluid and can pump off at up to 100 gallons per minute at heads to 75'.   The low profile unit ensures great visibility and allows operation of the unit around smaller GA and military aircraft. 


The T300 unit is heavy duty, constructed with a rear stainless steel tank for long service life and utilizes the same engine and components as the larger T1000 unit.


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