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Fluid Containment

Isolator FP Series Catch Basin Inserts are located under the existing grate and frame, and can be installed in hours using a pre-fabricated frame assembly and epoxy sealing kit.  The FP series are constructed of stainless steel and utilize glycol and fuel resistant components to ensure the product can contain fuel spills as well as spent de-icing fluids


Isolator FP Catch Basins ensure you can continue to use the bolt down or locking grate covers for your catch basin inserts to comply with FAA and Homeland Security requirements.  Switching back from surface containment to storm water discharge is accomplished by use of a driver key above surface and six quick tuns of the valve shaft.


Use the Isolator Catch Basin Inserts to get simple, effective control of your spent de-icing fluids and ramp into your ELG compliance level.   


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