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Fluid Containment

In older airfields, catch basin insert frames are often supported by spacer rings or brick courses to bring the structures to airfield surface levels. This creates many issues when contained fluid migrates sub-surface and continues to weep out over the entire year.


NexGen manufactures a Drop-In style Catch Basin Insert which contains fluid above the existing catch basin frame, which may be prone to leakage. The design incorporates an airside rated top grate and control vavle, which is completely sealed to the frame using a glycol and fuel resistant mastic gasket.


This Isolator Drop In Catch Basin Insert can be installed in less than 1 hour, using standard tools and does not add any height above the frame, which eliminates the potential for damage to it by equipment such as snow plows.


The NexGen Process design team can attend your location and review and measure each structure to determine which type and size of Catch Basin Insert is required.   A NexGen hydraulic study can ensure the installed valve capacity can handle both summer and winter storm conditions.


Contact our product specialists for a review of your application and price quotation.



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